About Geometry Jump version.


New worlds with more vibrant colors are waiting for you to explore in Geometry Jump. Here's another fun spin-off in Geometry Dash Scratch that promises to drive you crazy! An attractive game for all those who need a lot of fun, happiness and feel tired after stressful working hours. Geometry Jump will test your reflexes, make the right decisions and surprise you with amazing graphics!

In this new version, there will be many different levels of play such as: Preamble, Let's go, Gravitational, Drought, Data After Data, Never Give Up, .. and many difficulty levels that require players to collect many stars. than.

As players, we need to adjust our reactions quickly and have enough patience. Because if we don't succeed, we will have to redo the level from the beginning, but success can come to us.


Gameplay in Geometry Jump.


This game gives you excitement and challenge by differentiating different movement styles. Colorful geometric blocks are moving fast across the screen. And your task is to take it as far as possible to survive and win high scores.
One feature to keep in mind is that obstacles will appear when you arrive. It can be triangular hedges of thorns, or large square walls. You will explode if you touch them. You need to prepare mentally to avoid them by performing high jumps to dodge.
Each phase of the challenge requires maximum careful monitoring and evaluation. You should not be too hasty but calmly face whatever is coming. Focus as much as you can and get all three hidden coins in each level. If the jump fails, you lose the game and have to restart.


With PC: Click left mouse button to jump.

With phone: click on the screen to jump.

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