Introduction to the game CLASSIC SOLITAIRE DELUXE

CLASSIC SOLITAIRE DELUXE is a game that goes by many different names - you may know it by the nickname "Piano" due to the distinctive ascending arrangement of the piles at the start of the game. This card game is a great way for some to relax and unwind in the afternoon while listening to their favorite music, and for others - a field of fierce competition with official statistics. you and your friends. Now, you can experience this exciting game completely for free on

How to play the card game:

In this CLASSIC SOLITAIRE DELUXE game, Take a close look at the cards distributed on the playing field. Alternately arrange the cards by alternating black and red symbols, then move them into equal piles - starting with aces, through individual numbers and letters, all the way up to the king. Be very attentive and skillful to put the cards in the right position.

You can switch between draw 1 card or draw 3 cards and you can change the layout to align left or right.
Can you find the aces and start lining up all the cards from ace to king by suit in the top four empty slots?


Use the mouse (with PC) or slide on the screen (with iPad or phone) to move the cards.

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