Contents of the game Ball Rush.

Ball Rush is super fun, simple and 100% relaxing game guaranteed! The dynamic nature of the game adds to the excitement and keeps you engaged throughout the entire gameplay. In this game you will navigate a fast dashing ball on a colorful road. Try to keep the ball on the right track, Avoid the obstacles and go as far as you can.
Collect coins by passing the front cone walls. Each time you pass, you will receive a score corresponding to the number shown on that cone. Unlock unique modes, earn rewards, compete with your friends and much more.
This game offers a very challenging gameplay as the further you go the harder it gets. The farther you go, the faster the ball will roll, making it difficult for you to see ahead and give the right direction. so if you enjoy fast moving ball challenge then you will love this game.


Tips to go the farthest while controlling the slide ball.


Ball Rush is an endless running game with stunning visuals and vivid sound effects. The game requires quick reflexes and requires your high concentration. Do not leave the screen while the ball is running on the road.

A lot of practice will help you get used to and improve your level quickly.


Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to switch lanes.

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